Manufacturing and Refurbishment of Pipeline Cleaning Pigs

Romstar offers a full suite of pipeline related services, commencing from standard pre-inspection cleanings and gauging to specialty and tailor made pigs

Designs specifically to the pipeline needs, with in-house R&D we can custom tailor our cleaning pig to suite Client & Pipeline Requirements.
Progressive and enhanced cleanings programs and pigs for pipelines with wax, black powder or scale which guarantee flawless high-resolution inspections services afterwards.

Why clean pipelines matter?

All pipelines regardless of what they are transferring, requires internal cleaning. This is one of the most important rules of proper pipeline maintenance. Regular cleaning removes dust, sludge and construction debris (at commissioning stage) from inside the pipeline, preventing blockages of internal pipe bore and restoring pipeline transport capacities.

Pigging Products


Romstar Polymer Sdn. Bhd designs and manufactures full range of high quality polyurethane products are derived from the most advanced raw materials supplied by a renowned and reputable vendor with excellent performance and track record.


A comparison of the physical properties of Duracast-casted products to the conventional MDI/TDI system was made and shows superior results in most aspects.


EXHAUSTIVELY TESTED Testing is carried out in-house in collaboration with the German-Malaysian Institute. Quarterly tests by third parties are also conducted on raw materials and finished goods to meet the highest standards of quality.

PROVEN TRACK RECORD Products have performed in Malaysia onshore and offshore pipelines in oil and gas sector.

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