Data Analysis

Data collected by the inspection tools is assessed on-site, for completeness and structural integrity before it is handed over to Romstar Head Office for full interpretation and analysis.

Romstar conducts in-house data interpretation and analysis in its Kuala Lumpur headquarters by a team of highly-qualified professionals with accumulated of experience using Romstar’s proprietary software package – RomSoft.

ROMSOFT – State of the Art Software by Romstar R&D

RomSoft provides easy data integration, viewing, reporting and analysis capabilities in order to get a clear picture of the pipeline’s condition. All detected anomalies and pipeline fixtures are organised into a database, which can be presented in various formats including 3D and 2D graphical layouts, graphs and plots.

RomSoft software is entirely developed in-house by Romstar R&D with precision accuracy level.

What ROMSOFT does:


  • Tool calibration, pre-commissioning exercise MFL data or Caliper data evaluation.
  • On-site data completeness and integrity assessment.
  • Clients can witness a full test of our MFL tool prior to site mobilization.



  • Automated or manual data evaluation.
  • Detailed assessment of detected defect and its complete characteristics; location, dimensions, category, signal log and contour plot.



  • Field report
  • Tool operational data
  • Tool calibration
  • Pipe tally
  • List of anomalies
  • List of clusters
  • Summary and statistical data
  • Anomalies ranking method
  • Detection of AGM
  • Client version software



Dig Verification

Romstar will assist on all verification exercise.


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